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chapel-pleck-smallChapel Pleck 2010
Herefordshire PGI Perry
75cl Dry Sparkling (Traditional Method) Perry

Made with Blakeney Red perry pears using the traditional Champagne method whereby secondary fermentation takes place in-bottle, and the yeast removed by disgorging.
With over 12 months maturation in bottle, this brut style perry has fizz, elegance and finesse in abundance! Enjoy as a celebration drink, or to accompany soft cheese, olives, or prosciutto.

Very popular for weddings as an alternative to Champagne!


1st Place - Best In-Bottle Fermented Cider/Perry -International Cider and Perry Competition 2013
2nd Place - Best In Bottle Fermented Perry - Three Counties International Cider & Perry Competition 2013

Best Bottle Fermented Cider - 3rd place Big Apple Cider and Perry Trials, Putley 2010



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